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Q3 Academy Great Barr

All About Transition

Here's a wonderful video produced by Liz Stevenson who manages transition across Sandwell with some really useful advice for students and parents/carers on things that might be different here from Primary School. Remember that this isn't specific to Q3 Academy Great Barr, it's applicable to everyone moving from primary to secondary education.

There are videos specific to Q3 Academy Great Barr on our Looking Good! page, so don't forget to check those out too!

Getting in Touch

Please remember that as an Academy we are not managed by Sandwell Local Authority. Therefore, if you have any questions about transition, you need to contact us directly here.

Guidance for students

  • Explore the eTransition Hub and get to know the Academy, there's lots of information about us on here and on the Q3 Academy Great Barr website, so you can find out how we work #ThisIsUs

  • Share with us a bit about you, so we can start getting to know you too #ThisIsMe

  • We're not expecting you to arrive to the Academy knowing everything, so don't worry - we'll give you time to settle and get to grips with our way of working when you join us.

  • Have a go at some of the challenges we've set on here; they'll help with your transition. It's a big step to Year 7, but we want to help make it really easy, so whilst it might be a little scary at first, don't worry - this is normal! None of these challenges are compulsory, but we bet you'll have a bit of fun doing some of them!

Stay healthy

Check out our daily exercise activities suggested by our Wellbeing Active team, and visit our wellbeing page for guidance on staying safe, support for your mental health, and PSHEE.

Stay at home

At Q3 Academy Great Barr we talk about the importance of always being:




The longer we are away from our friends, the more we want to go out and see them. However, it's important to continue showing that we are respectful of society in being responsible by staying at home much more than you might normally. This will protect the NHS and save lives, and then we can look forward to being ready to see our friends sooner.

When you join us

At Q3 Academy Great Barr we are really proud of our attendance record, and that our students are respectful of the timings of the day. It's important to be here and on time to show that we're both ready and responsible.

The Academy day looks like this:

08:45 All students must be in the Academy by this time

08:50 Tutor Time

09:15 - 15:05 Lessons with a 15 minute morning break and 30 minute lunchtime

15:05 Tutor Time

15:15 End of the Academy day