Guidance for


Guidance for Parents/Carers

Please encourage your child(ren) to engage with the activities provided on this site as a means of supporting the transition from primary school to the Academy; whilst it's not ideal and we'd love to be meeting your child in person and welcoming both you and them to the Academy, we think it'll really help them to get to know us a little better during these trying times.

Once we're able to open the Academy and welcome you in safely then we will!

Keeping your Child Motivated

Primary2Secondary are an organisation that provide support to parents/carers who want to work with their child through the transition period. They've created an activity pack which you may find useful to work through with your child available here.

Family Welfare Support

We have onsite support for family welfare through the lovely Ms Kudryl who is more than happy to discuss and help with individual circumstances and any worries, concerns, or little niggles that you, or your child, may be feeling. She's also the person to speak to if your child accesses support through any external agencies.

Ms Kudryl (Family Welfare Support & Deputy Safeguarding Lead) can be contacted here.

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

If your child has Special Educational Needs and Disabilities that you'd like to discuss further, you can contact our SENCo, the wonderful Ms Chamberlain.

Ms Chamberlain (SENCo) can be contacted here.

Transition Enquiries

If you have any general enquiries regarding the transition process, please contact Mr Price. Unfortunately, we cannot help with enquiries relating to admissions as this process is managed by Sandwell Local Authority, their contact details are available on their website here.

Mr Price (Assistant Vice Principal & Director of Key Stage 3) can be contacted here.