New Intake Evening

We really wish we could be welcoming you to the Academy in person. However, we talk about the value of being responsible at Q3 Academy Great Barr, so it's important that we stay safe for now. When we're able to safely host events, we look forward to welcoming you properly!

To be really clear, we don't expect that the eTransition Hub or the information on our website will replace the transition experience and the activities that we have planned. You wouldn't get the best experience if we were to do all of this virtually rather than face-to-face, so we're saving it to do in person when you join us in September.

Please carefully watch the presentations at the bottom of this page with your child.


At the event we usually host at the end of June, you would hear from people at the Academy. Below you'll find a welcome and presentation from each of these people. We realise that in the current situation everybody's circumstances are different, that's why we've chosen to pre-record these presentations allowing them to access them at a time that best suits you and your child, and to rewatch them should you need.

Mr Arnull (Head of School)

Mr Price (Assistant Vice Principal & Director of Key Stage 3)

Ms Kudryl (Family Welfare Champion and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead)

  • Emotional wellbeing is at the heart of our daily lives. Whether we are happy, fearful, excited, or angry, our emotions can influence the way we approach our daily activities. Often circumstances and life events can impact our emotional wellbeing.

  • We are passionate about the emotional wellbeing of our students and families, we do all that we can to ensure that the right support is in place and that the Academy is a safe place to be.

  • Miss Kudryl works with our families and students where individual circumstances may need to be shared and sensitively supported.

  • She offers emotional support to our students in the Academy and makes use of our TranQuillity Zone where students are given time to talk and access different interventions promoting their emotional wellbeing.

  • We work hard to refer to specific agencies where needs are identified – such as bereavement support, self-esteem, etc.

  • Miss Kudryl is available to talk to you about any concerns and worries that you may have, also any information you wish to share to support your child with the transition process.

  • You can get in touch with Miss Kudryl here.

Welcome Letters

Our students were really keen to share their welcome by writing letters to our new students. Here are a selection of the letters we received from our students to you!

Letter 003.pdf
Letter 005.pdf
Letter 004.pdf
Letter 006.pdf
Letter 002.pdf
Letter 001.pdf