Daily Exercise

Mr Richardson and Mr Hard have set some fun challenges that help you keep active!


Mr Richardson's Tennis Ball Trick Shot Challenge

See how well you get on!


Mr Richardson's Toilet Roll Challenge

Can you beat Mr Richardson?


Mr Richardson's Blame Your Name Workout Challenge

Try your luck!


Mr Richardson's Weekly Workout

Give it a go!


Mr Richardson's Full Body Workout

  • This is a 5 minute non-stop full body workout;

  • Just open the video and follow along;

  • If you need to rest that is not a problem, but try your best to rest as little as possible;

  • Exercises such as the press ups and shoulder taps can be made easier by simply performing the exercise on the knees;

  • Enjoy!


Mr Hard's Challenge 1

It is important that whilst you are at home that you are attempting to remain active.

Why not try Mr Hard's challenge?


Mr Hard's Challenge 2

Another challenge for you to work on throughout the week is running/jogging or walking. Can you challenge yourself and complete it in under 6 minutes? Can you do it 3 times or more throughout the week? I'll be honest the most difficult bit is to maintain motivation and to keep count of how many you have done.


Mr Hard's Challenge 3

A bit of athletics and a gymnastics/strength endurance task.