This is the place where we can get to know you a little better!

Now it's our turn to get to know you a little better!

Here is a document that we'd like you to fill in with information all about yourself. It's easiest to download it to your computer, then you can print it and write the answers in, or you can type your answers in the answer fields of the document and save/print it.

Underneath the questions, there are a few tasks and challenges that you can have a go at doing.

Once you've filled in your answers and had a go at some of the challenges, why not turn it in to a nice little booklet all about you? You could even draw a picture of yourself or include a photograph, that way you can share this with your Personal Tutor when you start at the Academy and it'll help them get to know you much quicker.

Transition to Q3 Academy Great Barr - COVID-19 Student Questionnaire.pdf