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Welcome to Q3 Academy Great Barr

You'll find some questions below, see how many of them you can answer by visiting our website: www.q3academy.org.uk

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Why are we called Q3 Academy Great Barr?

The 'Q' stands for quaerere which means 'to seek after' in Latin, and the number 3 represents the three things that we seek. Our Academy ethos is 'to seek for that which is good, that which is right, and that which is true', we think this is an important way to live our lives!

We were originally just called Q3 Academy, but as we're such an awesome place we expanded and opened another two sites, so we need the Great Barr bit just so people know which Q3 Academy we're talking about.

Who is our Head of School and what is his first rule of educational philosophy?

Mr Arnull is our Head of School, and he says that "first and foremost we want every child to feel happy and excited about coming to the Academy".

How many Senior Leaders are there are at Q3 Academy Great Barr and what do they do?

There are eight in total, and here is a bit about what they each do:

Mr Arnull is the Head of School and is responsible for everyone in the Academy.

Mr Brocklebank is responsible for pastoral care.

Miss Callaghan is in charge of safeguarding and wellbeing.

Mr Gurung is in charge of Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11).

Mr Harris is in charge of teaching and learning.

Mrs Noakes is in charge of Key Stage 5 (Years 12 and 13).

Mr Price is in charge of Key Stage 3 (Years 7, 8, and 9).

Mr Slack is in charge of curriculum and timetabling.

What are the British Values?

We're really proud that we live in an ethnically and culturally diverse country, and think it's important that we celebrate this. Our Academy ethos fully embraces the fundamental British Values:

  • Democracy

  • The rule of law

  • Individual liberty

  • Mutual respect for, and tolerance of, those with different faiths and beliefs.

If I was worried about something, concerned about a friend, or witnessed any bullying, who would I talk to?

You can talk to any member of staff at the Academy, we're all friendly and we'll listen to your concerns. We might need to share these with somebody else if it means keeping you or someone else safe, as that's our top priority.

You'll have a Personal Tutor at the Academy, which is a member of staff you'll see every day and get to know really well, so they're the perfect person to talk to; they will also be the first point of contact if your parents/carers want to talk to somebody at the Academy.

As well as your Personal Tutor, you'll have your Head of Year and Assistant Head of Year looking out for you; they're responsible for your Year Group and will lead assemblies once a week.

On top of all of these amazing people, your Director of Key Stage will be keeping a careful eye on how you're getting on as you progress through Years 7, 8, and 9, to make sure that you're not just happy and loving life, but also that you're achieving in your subjects to get the most from your education.

Which subjects will you study in Year 7?

Our subjects fit within four key areas:

'World', in this you'll study: English, History, Geography, and French.

'Exploration', in this you'll study: Mathematics and Science.

'Wellbeing', in this you'll study: Wellbeing Active (P.E.) and Wellbeing Inspire (PSHEE, RSHE, and Religious Studies).

'Hori7on', in this you'll study: Art and Media, Computing, Enterprise, and Performing Arts.

What time does the Academy day start?

You'll need to be in the Academy for 8:45am each day to start the day with Tutor Time.

Who provides our meals service at the Academy and where do we eat them?

The name of the catering company that provide our meals is Sodexo and we call our dining room 'Quisine'. Sodexo provide a variety of delicious hot meals, sandwiches, snacks, and desserts. They are open during break and lunch time.

Do we have any after-hours clubs or activities?

Yes, we love extra-curricular activities here and have a full programme of events that change each term based on what's popular and what the weather is like. They won't start straight away when you join us, as we want you to settle in first, but then we'll introduce a number of different clubs and activities for you to participate in at the start or end of the Academy day.

Will I have lots of work to do from home?

The amount of work we set you to complete at home is slightly different for each Year Group. In Year 7, we'd suggest that it will take you approximately 30 minutes each evening to complete your Independent Learning. Independent Learning is completed online through Tassomai - you may have some additional challenges set in some of your other subjects too!

Will I get detentions?

We always get asked this question, and hopefully not. Lots and lots of our students will never ever have a detention during their time at the Academy. We expect our students to be ready, respectful, and responsible at all times in the Academy, if you're doing this then you won't have a detention. We get that there are times when you make mistakes, we're all human after all. If you do find yourself with a detention, ensure that you go to it and that you are ready, respectful, and responsible throughout it, and we'll draw a line under it - a fresh start going forward!

How will I know where to go and when?

When you join us, you will be given a copy of your timetable. This lists which subject you will have each day, which room you are in for that class, and who will be teaching you. Don't worry about getting lost, each room number starts with a 1, 2, or 3, this tells you which level of the Academy the room is on. If you are struggling to find where you're supposed to be, there are lots of staff and other students on hand to help you find it - everyone is really friendly!